Instructor: Chad Kendrick

Welders combine mechanical comprehension with a bit of science and a touch of artistry in making something as simple as a kitchen utensil or as complex as an offshore drilling platform or a component used in the outer space program. 

The Welding Technology program prepares students for industry or other job related fields. Welding students are presented with the knowledge to weld various types of metal using several methods and processes. Students are trained in layout, blueprint reading, work orders, job site safety, and estimating materials for the job.

Students are taught safety, joint design, welding terminology, types of machines and accessories, basic joints and positions, types of cast iron, carbon and air arc cutting, ventilation and protective devices, filler metal and electrodes.

Demonstration videos of sample project types we do below. Do not try at home – all safety training must be completed, and work performed, at ATC with certified instructor present.