Instructor: Kevin Woods

Carpentry is designed to prepare students for employment in the residential and commercial construction industry. Students are involved in blue print reading, layout, fabrication, foundation, walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs of structures. Training will emphasize instruction in the care and safe use of hand and power tools.

The Carpentry program at Floyd County ATC offers many opportunities for a young person. Carpentry students will learn how to do rough layouts of floors, walls, and roofs. They must be able to use good judgment to decide on proper procedures in order to perform the task at hand in the most efficient, safest manner.

Projects, both inside and outside the classroom, are used to reinforce lessons taught. The course content is selected to prepare students for further education and/or work in this and related fields.

Demonstration videos of sample projects we do below. Do not try at home – all safety training must be completed, and work performed, at ATC with certified instructor present.