Instructor: Shawn Woods

Automotive technology is speeding into the future — be a part of it. Our automotive program includes lecture and shop experience in all phases of automotive maintenance and repair. 

Training includes use of computerized tech manuals, hand held meters and scanners, as well as power and hand tools. Instruction and practice is provided in diagnosis and repair of engines, ignition systems, fuel systems, brakes, manual and automatic transmissions, front-ends including alignment, air conditioning, heating systems, and emission controls. Instruction in systems such as engines, fuel, on-board computers, transmissions, steering, suspension and brakes is the basis of this program. 

Knowledge of the various systems is used to develop skills in troubleshooting, performing preventive maintenance, servicing and repairing automobiles.

Demonstration videos of sample projects we do below. Do not try at home – all safety training must be completed, and work performed, at ATC with certified instructor present.