The history of the Floyd County Area Technology Center had an auspicious beginning in September of 1946.  It began in September that year as Mayo Extension Service Prestonsburg High School Vocational Shop and was the first of its kind in the nation.

    The classes were taught by instructors from Mayo Vocational School of Paintsville, Kentucky and were held in a large building which was located where Music Carter Hughes dealership is now located.

    Over the next few years students were added to the extension classes from Martin High School and Betsy Layne High School.

    In 1963 the first building at the present location at Garth, Kentucky was completed and school began in September of 1963 as the Garth Vocational School.  The original building was just one large room with no walls dividing the shop classes.  Shelves were used both for storage and dividers between the classes.  Permanent walls were added in 1970 dividing the building into 8 rooms.  These walls are still used today to divide carpentry, automotive, machine tool, electricity, and 4 classrooms. 

    Students from all Floyd County high schools attended Garth Vocational School in 1963 and in 1974 classes opened in an additional building which now houses welding, office technology, health science, and additional classrooms.  The principal during this growth period was Frank Sammons.  He was followed by Ronald Turner in 1982 who was principal until 1998.  He was followed by Lenville Martin who became principal in September of 1998 and is the current principal.


    With the tremendous strides in technology over the last 2 decades, and with the resulting impact that technology has influenced the instruction and the content of the classes at the school, it was deemed appropriate by Mr. Martin and other school personnel in 1998 to change the name from Garth Vocational School to the present title of Floyd County Area Technology Center.