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images/stories/shan20.jpgThe Information Technology program provides the concepts and skills needed to diagnose and repair personal computers and design, set up, maintain, and expand networked computer systems. Students are also trained to design, build, and maintain websites according to industry standards.

The program is designed to prepare students to take industry recognized certification examinations like the National CompTia A+ Hardware & Software Certification Exams for computer maintenance and the CIW exam for web design.

The CompTIA Authorized Partner Program for Academy Partners offers a robust educational program designed to assist academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government retraining agencies in enhancing the learning experience for students preparing for an IT career.

We can help students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and credentials for a successful IT career path. This includes resources to help students choose potential paths of employment, and education on opportunities for long-term career growth. The program includes information, tools, and resources designed to help school administrators and instructors plan, prepare, and deliver an effective IT curriculum.

Employment opportunities include entry-level positions in computer repair and network administration as well as web designer. Students will need basic computer skills, plus grade level reading and math prior to entering this program.


Syllabi: CIT155 | IT150CIT105CIT120CIT120




Project 1 Student Bio - set up a site with at least four pages with bio info.. links and one image (photo). One page will be an assignment page that will hold links to other projects. intermediate html, images,
Project 2 Tables Website - Use Dreamweaver and Photoshop, to redesign the personal site you made with html. Dreamweaver & CSS Photoshop
Credibility Assignment Select one online journalism Web site and review and analyze for credibility based on Web site evaluation lesson- present to class. Site credibility issues
Project 3 Ecommerce site. Must be a new site, not a redesign of an existing site. (examples, On That Note, fan pages, club pages, etc.) Advanced Dreamweaver and Photoshop
Flash Exercise Flash Exercise - Use Flash to create a photo slideshow. Learn basic tweening and action script. Flash
iMovie Exercise apply basic video editing concepts like cropping, splitting clips, adding audio, transitions, so you can use them in your final project. iMovie

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